The tutors listed below have all completed the MILA 1 course as a minimum of training. Many have additional qualifications and may also be trained teachers, teachers with special needs training, speech pathologists, educational psychologists and occupational therapists.

Spalding Australia is not endorsing or vouching for the quality of the tutor. We are simply providing a list of people who have completed Spalding Authorised Training and are therefore permitted to advertise themselves as being a Spalding Tutor. It is hoped that you will be able to find someone in your area from the list who will suit your child’s and your needs.

Spalding Australia suggests that tutors charge around the $100 per hour for tuition. This is purely a suggestion and many charge less or more according to their level of expertise and qualifications.

  • Name downup State downup Suburb downup Phone downup Email downup Experience downup Remote
  • Janie Northam NSW Paddington 0400 568 561 janie@aus2.com I have 30+ years experience as a Primary School teacher. I have completed the Spalding 1 and 2 courses numerous times since 1999. I have taught Spalding exclusively, to a variety of ages, for 14 years. I love teaching Spalding!
  • Rebecca Kidd VIC Seddon 03 9078 2455 info@innerwestspeechpathology.com Rebecca is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. She has been providing Spalding tuition to children of a variety of ages since 2013. Rebecca has provided Spalding tuition via Skype to children in remote Australia, Hong Kong and Cambodia. 1
  • Anne-Marie O’Hagan VIC Beaumaris 0402788131 annemarie.ohagan@gmail.com I am an experienced Primary Teacher with an interest in dyslexia and autism, particularly in girls. I have completed my Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) and love using the Spalding Method.
  • Jacinta Conway VIC Chelsea 0413163105 johagan76@hotmail.com I have been a Primary Teacher for 15 years and have taught in a range of classroom settings. I have tutored students with special needs, including Dyslexia, ADHD, and ASD. I have completed the MILA 1 and MILA 2 courses numerous times and I am a certified Spalding Instructor, training teachers in this method. I currently work full-time in a Learning Support role in a school setting therefore my tutoring availability is limited.
  • Jacqueline Palmer VIC Malvern 0419844384 jacqueline@littleacornliteracyservices.com.au 6 years experience. I work predominantly with primary school children. I have a dedicated home office and also work in schools.
  • Susan Byrne NSW Chatswood 0422544597 spaldingaust@optusnet.com.au 12 years of experience tutoring privately in small groups and one on one
  • Karen England ACT Griffith 02-6239 4081 karen@timeoutlearningcentre.com 16 years tutoring using Spalding Degrees in LOTE, English/Linquistics, Grad. Dip. Ed. Irlen Regional Director Director of Time Out Centre (NFP) Qualified QEEG & Neurofeedback Trainer Specialisation in SLD, ADHD & Trauma
  • Emmanuel Kiriakos NSW Matraville 0437327622 confidentmindstutoring@gmail.com I have a passion for tutoring children with dyslexia and autism, and have seen amazing results over the past couple of years using The Spalding Method. The improvement in confidence and self-esteem once a child is able to start reading and writing is so rewarding to watch. I would love to discuss how I can help your child. 1
  • Elizabeth Roberts NSW Glenmore Park e_bonanno@hotmail.com Primary school teacher 1
  • Simone Natoli VIC Greensborough 0416041708 natoli.simone.a@edumail.vic.gov.au I completed the 10 day Spalding course in 2011 and have been implementing Spalding in my classrooms ever since.
  • Bronwyn Collins VIC Doncaster 03 98489453 and 0487323617 bronwynvcollins@yahoo.com.au Teaching 30 years which includes Special Education 15 yrs and Spalding 15 yrs 1
  • Robyn Grace VIC Camberwell 03 9889 4768 robyn.grace@spaldingaustralia.com.au Director of Spalding Australia 1