Course Category: Oral Reading Fluency

Research indicates that the ability to read connected text fluently is one of the essential requirements for successful reading comprehension. The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the new Oral Fluency Program.

You must have completed MILA 1 and have been implementing the program for 12 months to be eligible. Participants need to be confident in their ability to teach the spelling lesson, and their students should have mastered the 70 phonograms and the majority of the 32 spelling rules.

Being able to process phonologically, use orthographic skills (decoding), have some semantic skills (vocabulary), and contextual skills (background knowledge) are prerequisites for building fluency in a language. Your students will be equipped to learn a new literacy skill that builds on their existing knowledge with the implementation of the Oral Reading Fluency techniques.

Fluency is reading words with ease, expression, and without hesitation. Appropriate volume, pacing, and inflexion are involved. It’s the ability to gain deep meaning of the content read without noticeable mental effort.

Participants will learn how to teach students the ability to develop control over surface-level text processing so that their students focus on understanding the deeper levels of meaning embedded in the text. The goal is to have students reach the level of fluency where no conscious effort or attention is required because the fundamental literacy skills have become automatic. Fluency is not an end in itself, but a critical pathway to comprehension.

Upon completing the course, you will have all the necessary tools to teach oral fluency to students from Kinder through to adult-level reading and be able to assess and evaluate the oral fluency levels of the students.

You’ll be provided with fluency training powerpoints at both primary and intermediate levels to use with the students to equip them in self-directed use of the program. You will be provided with a manual of passages from levels Prep to Year 6. Passages will include both assessment and ongoing practice passages to further develop fluency.

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