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June 30, 2016

At Spalding Education Australia it is part of our mission to assist as many people as possible to become proficient readers and writers who are capable of thinking deeply and analytically about the world. We are not motivated by profit, rather we want to try to be as accessible as possible to those in need.

It is incredibly difficult to find out about what is available for students and if it might be of use to your child or your training in helping children with difficulties. Every so often you come across something or someone who appears to be just as genuine in that commitment. You may like to check out http://www.spelfabet.com.au/ . Alison Clarke runs the site and she lists many of the programs that are available to support students with learning difficulties. She is also the Vice President of Learning Difficulties Australia. In that role Alison has organised Prof Maryanne Wolf from the United States to come here in September to speak at Collingwood Town Hall about reading development, dyslexia and the digital culture. The details are here:


She will also speak in Sydney and Brisbane.

Spalding representatives will be in attendance at the conference. It is valuable to hear the latest research and ideas relating to literacy development.

The use of digital technologies in our classrooms and homes is becoming all pervasive. SEA has watched as schools and parents have adopted these technologies with great vigour. We listen as some describe the digital format as the new wave and traditional methods of teaching reading are passé. The more research done and the more one examines the way digital technology effects young brains and eyes, the more committed SEA becomes to a sense of caution.

Further articles will be written about the latest research in the use of digital technology and  the acquisition of literacy and young minds. In the meantime maybe you might like to consider attending this conference and hearing one viewpoint about Reading Development, Dyslexia and the Digital Culture.

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