Successful completion of the Writing Road to Reading 1 (WRTR1) course qualifies you as a Spalding teacher.

As a Spalding teacher, you will be equipped with the skills to successfully implement The Spalding Method (TSM) to individuals, small groups and classrooms.

The WRTR1 training is rigorous and includes 45 hours of course work, homework and both practical and written examinations. WRTR1 instructs you in the teaching of handwriting, spelling, writing, reading, comprehension and Spalding methodology. See the Why Spalding section to learn more about the reward for your efforts.

There are no prerequisites for participation in WRTR1. Once the course requirements are met, you receive a statement of completion and your name is placed on an Australian database of qualified teachers. Classroom teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and home educators have all successfully implemented TSM: see the other Learning tabs for more details.

Many members of our passionate community seek to refine their instruction. Upon successful completion of WRTR1 plus one year of implementing the method, individuals are eligible to complete the Writing Road to Reading 2. This course focuses on the development of higher order skills in grammar, writing and comprehension. Contact us for more details.

Spalding Education International is a nonprofit corporation. It was established in 1986 by Romalda B. Spalding as a resource for Spalding materials, to perpetuate her method of teaching language arts, and to maintain the principles and procedures that make The Spalding Method so effective.

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