The Spalding Blog

June 28, 2016

Spalding Education Australia welcomes you to our first blog.

Our aim of the blogs is to promote the Spalding method and philosophy.

Over time, we hope to provide a variety of articles, readings, ideas and thoughts that may help toward achieving higher literacy levels for all including:

  • Spalding latest developments
  • Sharing information about the reading, writing and spelling process
  • Demystifying or explaining some of the terminology surrounding literacy
  • External factors which are impacting on literacy skills such as technology
  • Latest research and reports about aspects of literacy

We invite all members of our community to provide ideas or content for this forum. Feedback can be provided in the comments section below, or feel free to contact us at

There are courses running throughout the year and we encourage you to explore further in the courses tab.

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Spalding Education Australia
Spalding Education Australia