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The tutors listed below have all completed the MILA 1 course as a minimum of training. Many have additional qualifications and may also be trained teachers, teachers with special needs training, speech pathologists, educational psychologists and occupational therapists.

Spalding Australia is not endorsing or vouching for the quality of the tutor. We are simply providing a list of people who have completed Spalding Authorised Training and are therefore permitted to advertise themselves as being a Spalding Tutor. It is hoped that you will be able to find someone in your area from the list who will suit your child’s and your needs.

Spalding Australia suggests that tutors charge around the $100 per hour for tuition. This is purely a suggestion and many charge less or more according to their level of expertise and qualifications.

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  • Speak & Write Speech Pathology  NSW Leichhardt Speak & Write Speech Pathology Leichhardt & Bondi Junction Clinics + Telehealth services across the east coast of Australia We are a team of 11 Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists. All of our clinicians are trained in the Spalding Method. Our team has a special interest in preschool, primary and high school language and literacy therapy, some with over 10 years experience providing literacy instruction to individuals with literacy difficulties such as Specific Learning Impairment or Dyslexia. Please see our website www.speakandwrite.com.au for further information on our services or call 0411 146 470 to discuss your needs. Yes View Details
  • Catherine O’Farrell  VIC Bundoora I am a registered teacher and have been a qualified Spalding Tutor since 1999. Up until 2021 I was a senior planner within the NDIS and have a deep understanding of the NDIS and education interface. I look forward to tutoring your child and assisting them within the whole NDIS and education inclusion space. Yes View Details
  • Therese Moore  NSW Lawson I have my Bachelor of Education (Primary) and have completed the Multisensory Instruction in Language Arts 1. Before I had my children I taught in the primary system and eventually resumed teaching, ( on a casual basis) for a few years. I then went onto teach English as a Second Language to Sudanese women over the past few years. I am now tutoring from home using the Spalding Method. I successfully used this method in teaching my three oldest children to read, write and spell. I am very passionate about this program and can see how this method can be used successfully to teach children, teens and adults. I am especially interested in helping those with learning difficulties and ESL. Yes View Details
  • Belynda Shaw    Blackburn I am qualified in TESOL and Education Support and am currently studying counselling with a youth wellbeing focus. I have previously taught English as a second language overseas to both children and adults. I completed Spalding Training and have seen it benefit my own children. I have a strong focus on handwriting and believe that children who write confidently will see increased abilities in all areas of study. I promote reading fundamentals and encourage the enjoyment of reading. I primarily work with Foundation to Grade 3. Yes View Details
  • A Luisa Cetrola  VIC Chadstone Pre-service teacher in first year of Masters of Teaching (early childhood and primary) and working as a teachers aide in primary schools. I've seen first hand with my own children, the comprehensive precision of the Spalding approach to teach young children how to write, speak, spell and read english and I love it. I'm available for one on one tutoring - early learners including pre-prep and early primary aged children. View Details
  • Teja Binti Solah  VIC Ascot Vale After completing my Bachelor of Science, I am currently undertaking a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Melbourne, and have 7+ years of tutoring experience in maths and English. I use the Spalding method which is an evidence-based, explicit, multisensory, interactive, diagnostic, sequential, and integrated approach to literacy. I have loved utilising the Spalding method and watching the growth of my students both in their confidence and their academic results. While available for face to face sessions, I am also experienced in online tuition and am able to offer engaging and effective online sessions, which allow greater flexibility and continuity in these uncertain times. Yes View Details
  • Maree Santamaria  VIC Balwyn I have been working in schools for 10 years and teaching Spalding to students struggling with poor literacy intensively for the last three years . I have seen the dramatic improvements in reading , spelling and comprehension that Spalding makes. Yes View Details
  • Nina Hogel  NSW Bellingen www.coffscoasttutoring.com.au - 3 years of teaching experience and passionate about the Spalding Method. Available for 1-1 private tutoring and home-school support. View Details
  • Jane Fagan  VIC Berwick Qualified Librarian who has worked setting up literacy collections, encouraging literacy in both public and specialist libraries for over 13 years. Ever since seeing a child take the first steps towards reading during pre-school story time sessions, I have been interested in the literacy process and how to encourage this in children. I have been privately tutoring in Spalding since completing the tutor training in 2017. I have seen wonderful results using the Spalding method with my first students. Dedicated home office. Yes View Details
  • Susan Brodie  QLD Keperra Primary Teacher - Wedge Park Primary School 1991 - 1993, Primary Teacher - Donvale Christian College 1994 - 1995, Primary Teacher - Toowoomba Christian College 1996 - 1997, Primary Teacher - Northside Christian College 1998 - 1999, Teacher Aide - Northside Christian College 2009 until present. Relief Teacher - Northside Christian College 2016 until present. Yes View Details
  • Clinton Bowe  VIC Mont Albert 4 years teaching, 3 in a Spalding school. Yes View Details
  • Souvanna Davis  VIC Surrey Hills I have a Masters of Educational Psychology and have 16 years experience working for the Department of Education as a Psychologist. In this role I assessed and worked with children with a range of difficulties. I have a special interest in Dyslexia assessment and intervention, but I have a passion for helping any child with literacy problems. I am looking forward to using my Spalding training to help children with any level of difficulty in the art of reading. View Details
  • Angela Cafarella  VIC Frankston South I have over 15 years experience teaching primary, high school and adult students. I have an enormous passion for teaching students with learning difficulties, and also students with an EAL (English as an Additional Language) background. I graduated in 2017 with a Master of Learning Intervention, specialising in Specific Learning Difficulties. I am also a member of SPELD Victoria and Leaning Difficulties Australia. Yes View Details
  • Cathy Sullivan  NSW Northmead I have been tutoring students using the Spalding Method for 8 years and have experienced great success, especially for students with Learning Difficulties and Autism. I am currently completing a Master of Education (Learning Difficulties). I look forward to discussing how I can help your child. Yes View Details
  • Lalita Vijendran  VIC Doncaster I have 8 years of teaching experience in a Primary school setting. I am also TESOL qualified. I completed the Spalding course in April 2017 and currently teach the Spalding Method at school for Foundation/Prep students. I firmly believe in the Spalding Method and have seen the skills and confidence of my students grow. I am available only on weekends and I would prefer to tutor students in Foundation to Grade 2. View Details
  • Jennifer Wells  VIC   Registered Primary School Teacher. Registered Spalding multisensory instruction of language art 1. I have had over 30 years teaching experience. I have been operating a tutoring business for 20+ years tutoring dyslexic children, teens and adults. I have been structuring individual children's programs for schools to use. I run workshops for parents and carers of children with dyslexia and related learning difficulties. I work closely with parents who are home schooling, either as a tutor or providing program support. I have studied and researched dyslexia and learning difficulties over the past 20 years and designed programs to suit individual learning styles during this time. Many of my programs have been used by teachers and teacher aides to provide continued support for the child in the school environment. My programs are unique and are designed around the clients preferred way of learning. View Details
  • Shayna Grace  VIC Camberwell As a product of the Spalding Approach I developed a complete belief in the methodology and its success in teaching all aspects of literacy while at university. I completed Spalding tutor training in 2012 and have been tutoring using the method ever since. View Details
  • Adriana Ballestrin  VIC Box Hill North I completed my Spalding training in January 2017. I have used Spalding in my Prep classroom all year. I have been a teacher for a year and looking forward to continuing to use the Spalding program in the classroom. View Details
  • Catherine Turland  VIC   I have worked as a Speech Pathologist for the past 10 years. I completed the Spalding Training in July 2017, and am looking forward to working with my first students. View Details
  • Mary Williams  VIC Westmeadows Primary and TESOL teacher with several decades of classroom teaching experience and now starting tutoring as an an accredited Spalding Consultant.Primary teaching. Kinder Director. TESOL teaching. View Details
  • Caitlin Southon  NSW Albury I have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Linguistics and Grad Dip Ed (Primary Method) with 10 years experience as a Primary School teacher. I have used The Spalding Method both in classrooms and as a tutor over many years. I am a Certified Spalding Instructor. My website is www.besttutoring.com.au Yes View Details
  • Emma Harty  VIC Elwood Over 13 years teaching experience. Masters of Learning intervention recently completed at Melbourne University Recent completion of the Spalding Course. View Details
  • Jennifer Lowe  NSW Avoca Beach Classroom Teacher - 1979-2017; Kindergarten - Y6. Spalding intergrated in the classroom during literacy sessions Private Tutor from 2002. Yes View Details
  • Bronwyn Buckley  NSW North Parramatta I am a Spalding Certified Teacher Instructor, and I have been teaching the Spalding Method since 2002. I love helping children with learning difficulties and special needs, and I am passionate about Spalding because I have seen it empower and change lives time and time again. View Details
  • Susanne Forey  NSW Lane Cove Masters trained teacher for 7+ years. Yes View Details
  • Lindfield Speech Pathology and Learning Centre  NSW Lindfield 10 speech pathologists all Spalding trained some with 20 years experience using Spalding Yes View Details
  • David Kinnane  NSW North Strathfield I am a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and Lawyer with a special interest in supporting school-aged children with speech, language, and literacy services. Yes View Details
  • Jess Tamber  VIC Prahran Spalding trained primary school teacher with postgraduate qualifications. Having spent years teaching a vast number of students privately and in an all-girls private school, which implements the Spalding methodology, I have a sound knowledge of its application and benefits, particularly for students who require extra learning support. I have a great passion and expertise around best supporting students with dyslexia, dyscalculia & for primary school students requiring remedial support who have been asked to repeat a year. For your convenience, I travel to you. Feel free to send me a message, I would love to hear more about your child and their learning needs to see how they can be best supported moving forward. View Details
  • Kate Montgomery  NSW Mosman Paediatric speech and language pathologist with post graduate literacy training including the Spalding Method. Available to work with primary aged students through to adolescents and adults. Yes View Details
  • Laurel O’Hara  NSW Hillsdale I am an experienced English Teacher with additional CELTA and TESOL qualifications for teaching English to International students. I have completed the Spalding Mila1 course and have taught students with Dyslexia and general reading problems. Yes View Details
  • Melanie McKenzie  VIC Hawthorn I am an English teacher who has worked in primary and secondary schools for over 8 years. I am able to work with individuals or small groups privately and also in schools. Yes View Details
  • Danielle Croyden  VIC Doncaster I have been working with the Spalding Program for the last 3 years in the classroom and in running a pre-prep entry program. My experience is in both primary and special school environments. I am passionate about creating learning environments for every learner and believe the Spalding Program is a great tool to achieve this end. Yes View Details
  • Sara Naidoo  VIC Doncaster East 28 years of teaching primary school. Currently teaching and co-ordinating Spalding at school for grade 1 and 2 Yes View Details
  • Janie Northam  NSW Paddington I have 30+ years experience as a Primary School teacher. I have completed the Spalding 1 and 2 courses numerous times since 1999. I have taught Spalding exclusively, to a variety of ages, for 14 years. I love teaching Spalding! View Details
  • Rebecca Kidd  VIC Seddon Rebecca is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. She has been providing Spalding tuition to children of a variety of ages since 2013. Rebecca has provided Spalding tuition via Skype to children in remote Australia, Hong Kong and Cambodia. Yes View Details
  • Anne-Marie O’Hagan  VIC Beaumaris I am an experienced Primary Teacher with an interest in dyslexia and autism, particularly in girls. I have completed my Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) and love using the Spalding Method. View Details
  • Jacinta Conway  VIC Chelsea I have been a Primary Teacher for 15 years and have taught in a range of classroom settings. I have tutored students with special needs, including Dyslexia, ADHD, and ASD. I have completed the MILA 1 and MILA 2 courses numerous times and I am a certified Spalding Instructor, training teachers in this method. I currently work full-time in a Learning Support role in a school setting therefore my tutoring availability is limited. View Details
  • Jacqueline Palmer  VIC Malvern 6 years experience. I work predominantly with primary school children. I have a dedicated home office and also work in schools. View Details
  • Susan Byrne  NSW Chatswood 12 years of experience tutoring privately in small groups and one on one View Details
  • Karen England  ACT Griffith 16 years tutoring using Spalding Degrees in LOTE, English/Linquistics, Grad. Dip. Ed. Irlen Regional Director Director of Time Out Centre (NFP) Qualified QEEG & Neurofeedback Trainer Specialisation in SLD, ADHD & Trauma View Details
  • Emmanuel Kiriakos  NSW Matraville I have a passion for tutoring children with dyslexia and autism, and have seen amazing results over the past couple of years using The Spalding Method. The improvement in confidence and self-esteem once a child is able to start reading and writing is so rewarding to watch. I would love to discuss how I can help your child. Yes View Details
  • Elizabeth Roberts  NSW Glenmore Park Primary school teacher Yes View Details
  • Simone Natoli  VIC Greensborough I completed the 10 day Spalding course in 2011 and have been implementing Spalding in my classrooms ever since. View Details
  • Robyn Grace  VIC Camberwell Director of Spalding Australia Yes View Details