Why Spalding

Education begins with literacy. There is no program currently available that is as inclusive, integrated and successful at teaching literacy than The Writing Road to Reading (WRTR).

Those who undertake the courses and implement the total Spalding program frequently and consistently agree it is the best professional development they have completed. You will be astounded by the results the program universally achieves in such a short time. WRTR is the complete package and your search for a total program in all facets of English is finally complete.

We encourage you to research all other programs. When investigating these potential programs or schools ask these simple questions:

  1. Is the program sequential, systematic and supported by empirical evidence?
  2. Is it multi-sensory, and does it encourage deeper order thinking and problem solving?
  3. Does it teach phonetic knowledge and how does it address the rules of spelling?
  4. What writing program is used to teach the skills and structure necessary for excellence in writing?
  5. What reading program is used to ensure students appreciate quality literature and comprehend what has been read?

See SEI website at www.spalding.org for more details on the program.


Here are some recent comments from our community members:

“Spalding has been very valuable” – Principal

“I’ve really noticed the difference” – Parent